Development Evolution

Bothhand Enterprise Inc. was established in 1992. We devote ourselves to the production and design of web-related electronic components, such as LAN components (RJ-45 connector includes a pulse transformer and LED), pulse transformers and DC to DC converters,
Our high quality and outstanding efficiency of management have been certified by ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and SONY GP. In addition, our quality policy, 100% verification before delivery, and flexible production capacity prove our ability of enhancing customer satisfaction.
Bothhand will provide our high quality and the most competitive prices of LAN transformer and DC to DC converter continuously to support customers to achieve their highest quality of products.

1992 Founded in Tainan 
1992-1997 Produce 、sale 10/100 BASE pulse transformer 
1998 D-Link has made equity
1999 Successfully developed RJ45 integrated with pulse transformer for LAN application. 
2001 Mass production for  0.5~66W SMD DC/DC converter
2004 New office opened in Tainan technology industrial park
2005 Stock listed in Taiwan OTC stock market
Sony GP certified 
2006 Samsung Eco-Partner certified
2009 TTQS (Taiwan Train Quality System) Gold Medallion Award
2010 The 19th National Award of Outstanding SMEs
TTQS (Taiwan Train Quality System) Gold Medallion Award
Wilson Lin, Chairperson of BOTHHAND awarded 33rd Model of Taiwan and Overseas  Entrepreneurs. Joseph Pan, President of BOTHHAND awarded 33rd Advisor of Taiwan and Overseas Entrepreneurs. 
2011 TTQS (Taiwan Train Quality System) Gold Medallion Award
Operated Deyang Bothhand Electronics Co., Ltd
The 14th Rising Star Award 
2012 Deyang Bothhand Electronics CO.,Ltd  was awarded “National Key Development Enterprise” by  Commission of Economy and Information Technology
2013 Ranked 811th of  top 1000 manufacturers in Commonwealth Magazine
Invested Deyang Shisheng Electronics Co., Ltd.
Bothhand Changzhou New factory office building opened
2014 Deyang Bothhand Electronics CO.,Ltd awarded Export Enterprises Research & Development  project of SiChuan  province.
Deyang Shisheng Electronics CO.,Ltd awarded Development ability for small business project of Economy and  Information committee of Deyang city.
Deyang Shisheng Electronics CO.,Ltd expanded production scale via automation equipment.
2015 Established Kaiping Bothhand Electronics Co.,Ltd obtained  High-New Technology Enterprise certification
Guangzhou  Cheng Han  Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Passed the audit of  GuangZhou City  Taiwanese  enterprise technology innovation.
Deyang Shisheng Electronics Co.,Ltd awarded the Enterprise of Industry of National encourage by Sichuan province Economy and  Information committee.
Deyang Shisheng Electronics Co.,Ltd awarded LouJiang county Above-scale enterprises reward projects.

LAN Magnetic Transformer Manufacturer

Bothhand Enterprise Inc. is a well-experienced Transformer Manufacturer in Taiwan, producing LAN Magnetic Transformer, POE Transformer and Pulse Transformer with superior quality.  In addition to Electrical Transformers, we also provide RJ45 Connector, POE (Power Over Transformer), DC/DC Converter and AC/DC Switching Power Supply.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a professional LAN Magnetic Transformer, RJ-45 Connector and Power Over Ethernet Manufacturer.

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